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Committed to ensuring human rights, says Fast Retailing

Fibre2fashion, China, 27 June 2015 - Japanese apparel retailer Fast Retailing has said that it is committed to ensuring human rights and appropriate working conditions at all of its manufacturing partners.

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Myanmar: New labour force survey addresses data gap

ILO, Myanmar, 26 June 2015 - Reaching high coverage, the first labour force survey in Myanmar in a quarter century will provide results in October that will shape the country’s employment policy.

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Work-related lung disorders affect several workers

Vietnamnews, VietNam, 25 June 2015 - Nearly 28,000 people suffer from occupational diseases in Viet Nam, reports released at a scientific conference on lung cancer and work-related lung diseases in Ha Noi said yesterday.

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Global Labour Journal Special Issue: 'The Future and Praxis of Decent Work'

Table of Contents Front Matter - Guest Editors' Introduction: The Future and Praxis of Decent Work Phoebe Moore, Charles Dannreuther, Christian Möllmann Articles - The Paradoxes of Decent Work in Context: A Cultural Political Economy Perspective PDF Felix Hauf - The Latest Italian Labour Market Rreforms in the Perspective of Decent Work Basic-Relations-Fairness Proposal PDF Martina Lavagnini, Antonella Mennella - The Absence of Decent Work: The Continued Development of Forced and Unfree Labour in India PDF Jamie Morgan, Wendy Olsen - Pushed out the Door, Back in through the Window: The Role of the ILO in EU and US Trade Agreements in Facilitating the Decent Work Agenda PDF Rafael Peels, Marialaura Fino - Decent Work Diagnostics for a Western Balkan Country Stuck in the Neo-liberal Doctrine: The Case of the Republic of Macedonia PDF Dragan Tevdovski - Involving Civil Society in the Implementation of Social Provisions in Trade Agreements: Comparing the US and EU Approach in the Case of South Korea PDF Lore Van den Putte Reviews - Review of Kevin Gray (2015) Labour and Development in East Asia: Social Forces and Passive Revolution. PDF Anita Chan - Review of Costello, C. and Freedland, M. (eds.) (2014) Migrants at Work: Immigration and Vulnerability in Labour Law. PDF Janet Munakamwe - Review of Rossi, A., Luinstra, A. and Pickles, J. (eds.) (2014) Towards Better Work: Understanding Labour in Apparel Global Value Chains. PDF Khalid Nadvi Global Issues - The Future and Praxis of Decent Work UNTITLED PDF David Spooner, Peter Waterman

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World Employment and Social Outlook: The Changing Nature of Jobs

The World Employment and Social Outlook is the ILO’s new flagship report on world of work issues. Exploring the inter-connected nature of macroeconomic policies on the one hand, and employment and social outcomes on the other, it analyses which policy combinations are most effective in delivering high employment and balanced incomes. The publication also provides readers with the most up-to-date global as well as regional labour market and social indicators.

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AP Industrial Relations Net Community Update, May 2015

The highlights and new features on this AP-IRNet newsletter include: Economic class and labour market inclusion: Poor and middle class workers in developing Asia and the Pacific and four other publications on ASEAN Community; As well as updated news on industrial relations issues in the region.

Posted by AP-IRNet at Apr 30, 2015 12:00 AM |
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