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Factory’s workers ordered back

The Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia, 30 Oct 2014 - Thousands of employees at Grand Twins International, Cambodia’s only publicly listed garment factory, will be back at the assembly line today after nearly two weeks on strike, accepting a court order to return to work.

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‘Maternity harassment’ verdict benefits women, men — and our humanity

The Japan Times, 29 Oct 2014 - Last Thursday’s Supreme Court verdict in the “maternity harassment” case brought by a physical therapist in Hiroshima was the first of its kind, overturning decades of business-friendly jurisprudence along with rulings from the district and high courts.

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Thai court dismisses defamation case against UK activist Andy Hall

BBC News, Thailand, 29 Oct 2014 - A Thai court has dismissed a criminal defamation case against a British labour activist who criticised conditions in the food industry.

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China's labour dispute resolution system

This article contains: Defining what is and what is not a labour dispute, The arbitration process, The court system, The labour and social security inspectorate, Collective labour disputes, The need for an effective and stable mechanism to resolve collective labour disputes.

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Labor Protection Act, Thailand, B.E. 2541 (1998)

Thai Labor Law

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Supplier Capacity Development - Moving From Policemen to Long-Term Partners

In August 2014, Ethical Corporation ran a webinar on value chain development, specifically focusing on best practice supplier capacity development. The purpose of the webinar was to Understand how to induce real change of supplier managerial practices for responsible use of labour and greater environmental performance to create long-term reliable supplier bases.

Posted by Ying Yang at Oct 27, 2014 11:06 AM |
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