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Beyoncé’s Anthropology of Labour

Sussex Anthropology Blog, Sri Lanka, 18 May 2016 - Last Sunday, the headline screamed: “Exposed: Sweatshop ‘Slaves’ Earning Just 44p an Hour Making ‘Empowering’ Beyoncé Clobber.” British tabloid newspaper The Sun claimed that Beyoncé Knowles’ activewear clothing line, Ivy Park (with Topshop), was made in Sri Lankan sweatshops, where workers earn just £4.30 ($6.19) a day.

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Protesters call for release of labour activists detained in Guangdong

Hong kong Free Press, China, 10 Dec 2015 - More than a hundred people gathered at the Western District Police Station in Sai Ying Pun on Wednesday morning, International Human Rights Day, to protest against the repressive moves taken against labour rights NGOs in Guangdong since the beginning of December.

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Three influential mainland Chinese labour activists detained in largest crackdown in recent years

South China Morning Post, 7 Dec 2015 - At least three have been held as the authorities keep a wary eye on growing labour tensions amid economic slowdown

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Employment, wages and working conditions in Asia's garment sector: Finding new drivers of competitiveness

This paper presents regional trends and national estimates of exports, employment, wages, productivity and working time in the garment, textile and footwear industries in developing Asia and the Pacific.

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Capacity building component of the Project “Promoting Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in the Philippines”: Completion report

The capacity building component of the project “Promoting Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in the Philippines” consists of two main outputs. Output 1 is the design, development and pilot testing of two Philippine-specific training modules on collective bargaining, social dialogue and tripartism. Output 2 is the finalization of the modules.

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AP Industrial Relations Net November Community Updates

The highlights and new features on this AP-IRNet newsletter include: Three featured publications: Promoting collective bargaining (C154 & R163); Promoting Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution in the Public Service - An ILO training workbook;Manual on collective bargaining and dispute resolution in the public service; As well as updated news on industrial relations issues in the region.

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