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Visioning Event Day Three (28 April 2011)

The most important part of the third and final day of the event was the development of a roadmap of action for AP-IRNet- who will do what and when?

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    Event Spotlight

    National Wage Conference

    Vietnam Wage Policy in the Context of a Market Economy and Economic Integration

    As Vietnam enters more fully into regional and global economic integration, it is crucial that wage fixing and wage adjustment policies and practices are strengthened to find the right balance between promoting and encouraging sustainable enterprises and also providing workers a fair share of enterprise productivity gains. This conference will bring together experiences from the key industrial relations actors in Vietnam, international ILO specialists and lessons learned from other countries in the region, to provide timely inputs for policy makers and practitioners to continue to improve the policy framework for wage adjustment in Vietnam.

    When:  Nov 25 - 26

    Where: Hanoi, Vietnam

    Contact Name: AP-IRNet