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1,000 workers of Japanese firm go on strike in central Vietnam, Vietnam, 14 Nov 2015 - Nearly 1,000 workers at a Japanese-owned company in the north-central province of Nghe An went on strike on Friday, asking for multiple issues, including holiday bonus payment and overtime work reduction.


The strike broke out in the morning as the workers, from a garment factory under the MLB Tenergy Co., Ltd., flocked the Yen Thanh District Stadium in Yen Thanh District to raise their complaints against the company.

The strikers protested for being given low-quality meals for lunch, having no bonus on national holidays, and suffering high pressure of overtime work.

They also complained about having their salaries heavily deducted when causing product faults, among other issues.

The strikers said they will not resume working until their claims are satisfactorily solved.

After the strike happened, the district police and the local Labor Federation sent their forces to the scene to keep order and listen to the strikers’ aspirations.

N.T.P, 32, one of the strikers, said she earned a salary of VND2.41 million (US$109) per month, a monthly travel allowance of VND80,000 ($3.6)  and a diligence bonus of VND200,000 ($9).

Meanwhile, the company applies a high rate of deduction due to product faults caused by workers, P. said, adding that she and many others had VND400,000-800,000 ($18-36) deducted from thier salary in October for such faults.

The company provides lunches at a cost of only VND12,000 ($0.54) per worker, so the quality of the meal is very poor and almost inedible.

“We request that the company offer meals at higher quality,” P. said.

Another worker, P.T.Y., 28, demanded that the company stop forcing worker to do overtime work for more than 30 hours per month.

She also requested that workers be given allowance for hazardous work and senior workers be granted seniority allowance.

Many strikers said that their representatives had sent proposals to the company’s trade union and management board a week ago, but the issues remain unsolved.

Nearly 1,000 workers therefore decided to go on strike as a protest, they said.

Nguyen Thi Hoai, chairwoman of the Labor Federation, said the company’s penalty rate of VND50,000 ($2.26) per product fault is too high, so many workers have opposed it.

The company’s management board has promised to adjust this fine rate, Hoai added.

“We are collecting proposals from the strikers and will arrange for their representatives to meet with the company’s management board to resolve their claims on the basis of ensuring their legitimate rights and interests and complying relevant laws and regulations,” Hoai said.

In late 2013, nearly 500 workers at the same garment factory also went on strike to demand the company to increase their Tet (Lunar New Year) bonus rates.


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