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Experts call on Thai government to use ILO minimum wage definition

[Bangkok Post] Labour experts are urging the Thai government to adopt the International Labour Organisation's definition of the minimum wage.

The ILO defines a minimum wage as one that can support all members of a worker's family.

Speakers at a seminar on the topic yesterday at a Bangkok hotel said workers should campaign for the government's ratification of ILO convention 131 on minimum wage fixing. The convention gives the broader definition of the minimum wage to cover workers' families.

The present definition of the minimum wage in Thailand refers to an amount sufficient to cover the expenses of a worker only, they said.

Pokpong Janvit, an economics lecturer at Thammasat University, said a minimum wage should be sufficient for a worker to take care of his or herself and their family members.

It should also be enough for them to afford further education and recreation, he said.

A reasonable minimum wage would also reduce the gap between the rich and the poor and solve social inequities, which are a major problem in Thai society, the lecturer said.

The seminar was organised by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation and Thai Labour Reconciliation Committee.

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