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Building capacity in inspection for labour law compliance - Activities of ASEAN countries

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— country: ASEAN
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Presentation by NGUYEN VAN TIEN, Director General, Chief inspector of Inspectorate of Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Vietnam, given at the13th Congress of the International Association of Labour Inspection Geneva, 15-16 June 2011.

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One of the four strategic priorities in the ASEAN Labour Ministers‟ Work Programme 2010-2015 is to enhance institutional capacity to ensure that Government bodies have the capacities to oversee enforcement of labour laws and regulations.

Following the ASEAN-ILO workshop on core international labour standards, the SLOM (Senior Labour Official Meeting of the ASEAN) organized the conference focused on labour inspection, their structure, professional training standards, employment activities, coverage, and impacts across ASEAN member states and in comparison with a number of other reference countries, which was held in Halong – Vietnam in October 2010. The purpose of the conference was to identify capacity building needs of labour inspectorates with the goal of improving the capacity of ASEAN governments to verify workplace compliance with national laws. It adopted 9 recommendations in order to enhance the capacity of labour inspectors in ASEAN and encourage ratification of ILO‟s conventions; to strengthen the collaboration with the ILO, IALI and other organizations and social partners in the development of the human and institutional capacity of labour inspection systems, in particularly through the sharing of good practices and training; to encourage the use of IALI‟s Global Code of Integrity for Labour inspection as guidance towards enhancing the ethical behaviour of labour inspectors in ASEAN countries. In follow up to this recommendation, many activities have been carrying out at national and regional levels.
This presentation provides information on the priority relating to the ASEAN labour inspection in the ASEAN Labour Ministers‟ Work Programme, Halong Recommendation on labour inspection cooperation and the progress of implementing these priorities at national and regional levels. It also works out some proposed activities that will be done in the near future, with special focuses on strengthening cooperation between ASEAN and IALI through conferences, workshops and implementing recommendation on improving capacity of labour inspection.

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