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Guide to Secretariats of Tripartite Bodies

— theme: Labour Administration, Social Dialogue, Tripartism
— country: ASEAN, Asia, Pacific, Other Regions
— type: Guides

The present manual specifically addresses the permanent structures that underpin these consultation bodies and meets their logistical needs – namely the secretariats usually put in place when consultation bodies are set up. These secretariats are generally situated within an administrative unit of a ministry responsible for labour administration. The fact that they are permanent units is in itself an indication of the importance given to the consultation process and to its sustainability. The manual starts by reviewing the role of governments and ministries responsible for labour administration in promoting social justice and democracy in their country, principally through consultation (social dialogue), and above all by creating administrative machinery that guarantees effective and regular relations among the parties to the dialogue. It then discusses the regulatory aspects to be borne in mind in creating a consultation body. Lastly, it focuses on the main skills required by those working in a secretariat of a tripartite consultation body, its organization, operation and activities. For this purpose, many concrete examples of aide-mémoires and management procedures are annexed hereto. The annexes are the outcome of discussions with practitioners and ILO colleagues, and represent a collection of good practices in the management of secretariats.The examples may be amended by the user according to individual needs or preferences. They should be customized to fit the individual country’s situation. The user is free to choose what s/he deems useful for his/her work and disregard what is irrelevant in a given context.

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