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More Concern on Contract Labour and Outsourcing in Indonesia

— theme: Employment Relationship
— country: Indonesia
— type: Manuals

FES Indonesia Series of AKATIGA, December 2010 - Contract working relation and outsourcing enables companies to hand over part of its work to another party or to use labour provided by third parties. This kind of working relation and system is a normal business practice and seem natural. However, in Indonesia and many other countries, this practice is discriminatory and exploits workers along with the weak competence, role and functions of control of the government. On the other hand, this situation must be understood in the broader framework of labour relations where the government put itself as ‘purely policy maker’ and does not take responsibility to protect and enforce labour rights. The effect is increasingly felt in situation where there is no suffice social security system in Indonesia. Those are facts and findings of a study on practice of contract working relation and outsourcing in Indonesia. This booklet describes an analysis and main findings of the study.

Rina Herawati
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