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Workers' Protests in Contemporary Vietnam (2010)

— theme: Workplace Cooperation, Dispute Prevention and Resolution, Collective Bargaining, Workers Organizations, Social Dialogue, Labour Administration
— country: Viet Nam

Journal of Vietnamese Studies Vol. 5, No. 1 (Winter 2010), pp. 162-204 During 1995–2008, workers in Vietnam instigated over 2,600 strikes, two-thirds of which occurred in the last four years. This article investigates what workers are demanding, what happens during strikes, their degree of organization, and the reactions of employers and state authorities to these protests. It also compares these workers' protests to labor unrest in the Republic of Vietnam. The analysis shows some similarities between the two periods in what workers have sought and the consequences of their protests. The contrasts, however, are more remarkable and help to highlight the significance of today's labor unrest for the current political system.

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